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Moving & Packing Tips

Moving Tips

moing and packing tips

Plan your move weeks in advance and follow the plan methodically. First you have to take care of all the disconnections of utility service in the house and transfer all connection to the new house. Make arrangements for the care of your pets during moving, make travel arrangements for them and include all their medical and vaccination records. Take care of all official papers, notify the concerned authorities of the change in address and also keep all important documents safe during the move.

Avoid scamsters, research a good moving company, for example reliable movers like Perfection Movers and hire them for the move. Confirm the parking for the moving truck, take care of the keys and other valuables during moving day and plan meals atleast a week in advance so that you empty your refrigerator. Notify your family and friends of the new address, confirm the moving company and after loading the truck give the driver the right new address.

Packing Tips:

Either hire a good packing company like Perfection Movers for packing or get boxes and methodically pack your belongings so that you know where everything is and also you do not lose anything. A good idea is to make a plan, buy sturdy boxes according to the need and label all the boxes after filling them. Make a list of all the belongings in each box and use a single size for all the boxes, which helps the mover. Take special care of glassware, expensive valuables and expensive electronics should be dissembled properly so later there is no confusion during assembly. Avoid liquids near valuables and put warnings around sharp & dangerous goods so that movers know about it. Blanket wrap or bubble wrap goods that can get damaged during the move and also pack according to what the boxes can hold to avoid damage.


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